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Synaesthetic perception

Synaesthetic perception manifests in many ways. Here are some frequent synaesthesias, including some that may seem a little strange for some synaesthetes, too…

Different types of synaesthetic perceptions: 

Sensory: classic senses elicit synaesthesia.
Cognitive: concepts like letters elicit synaesthesia
Emotional: feelings like fear or happiness elicit synaesthesia.

Some of the most important diagnostic criteria for synaesthetic perception:

  • Involuntary and automatic
  • Constant over time
  • Requires an inducer
  • Memorable
  • For every synaesthete, the experience is different

Synaesthetes answer very stereotypically when they are asked for colored letters. They only like letters and numbers in their own colors. A non-synaesthete likes the letters and numbers in every color.

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