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4 Videos that do a good job in attempting to explain synesthesia. Number 4 is my favorite.

Explaining and understanding synesthesia is not so easy.

On the one hand do we not yet fully understand the neurological bases of this phenomenon.  On the other hand, it is tricky to put synesthetic perceptions into words.

Here a selection of videos that do a good job in explaining synesthesia.


1. The pioneer

The synesthesia pioneer and his beautiful teachings about synesthesia. Find more information about his work here.

2. Solid overview

Solid overview without exaggeration.


3. Genetics and the Brain

DNews. I like how the try to explain what happens in the brain when percieving numbers in colors.


4. Afterthoughts by the father of synesthesia testing

David Eagleman and his thoughts. He had some good examples of how synesthesia can improve memory. Visit his synesthesia research on

Well, I guess this helped to get a nice summary of synesthesia. But whatever the scientific and theoretical background of synesthesia is, the beauty of it unfolds in the experience of mindful synesthetic awareness. So, why not just go and try it out? Here we go to the sensorium.










  1. TheSyn

    I liked 3!

  2. Glenn Westmore

    This is so interesting! I am interested in the way in which one ‘sees’ numbers for arithmetic processing. As visual thinkers tend to be more creative in their thinking, I’m looking at methods of visually representing different types of mathematical equations. I started by using basic arithmetic to determine a relationship between colours and numbers, and assigned each of the numbers 1-24 a colour. It was exciting for me to see some of these colourful pictures: I would be grateful to hear what someone with grapheme-color synesthesia thinks about it.

  3. No name

    I can’t find anywhere else to send this info, but the quick synesthesia quiz is not displaying some of the letters on my phone. I haven’t tried it on my PC yet. It asks for a color but there is no letter, number nor month displayed. After I’m done with the test I can see that there were supposed to be letters… One was J I believe. I think 3-4 letters are missing. I took the test twice to be sure and the same ones are missing. Best wishes. Hope this helps.

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